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"I worked with Rick on a premiere production of mine called, 'Storm Warning'. Rick directed this production and I found his work to be outstanding. Directing the first production of a play is a daunting task because there are no signposts left behind by those who have directed it before. The director of a premiere production must work very closely with the playwright, giving the playwright suggestions and insight into what is working and not working within the piece. And at the same time, the director must be certain that the playwright's vision comes to life on the stage.

I found Rick's interaction with myself and the actors to be inspiring and thoughtful, and the quality of his work gave me a finished product I could be proud of."

Tracey Hway & Daniel McCarthy in

The Bluewater Summer Playhouse

production of "Storm Warning".

Norm Foster

Canadian Playwright

Rick also premiered Norm Foster's "The Great Kooshog Lake Hollis McCauley Fishing Derby".

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