Rick Kish performing

New Studio Season - Begins September 9 - Ongoing registration available

Voice Lessons & Acting Coaching - Studio Sessions generally run from September through June and are weekly/bi-weekly for either 30, 45 or 60 minutes.  Students can begin any time throughout the year, based on space availability. Ages 6 - ??? Consistency is the key to successful singing/acting/strong vocal skills. The sessions are jam packed with information and are presented in a practical and fun way.

My approach is based on strong technique geared toward performance. The process is very important to the end product. I also coach singers and actors for auditions and performance and work with people who are looking to improve their public speaking voices.

I recommend beginning with 30 minute sessions unless you have extensive training/experience or are looking for coaching. The first Lesson  for new students is always 30 minutes and is intended as a meet, greet and assessment...please bring a song you love to sing that you feel best shows off your voice and is fun for you to perform... when acting, bring a monologue or the text you'd like to work on.  

What I offer...

- 30, 45 or 60 minutes sessions

- Singing Lessons - strong, healthy vocal technique and performance skills.

- Acting Lessons - working on creating character, making strong choices, exploring the skills of the actor.

- Song & Monologue Coaching - performance techniques based on developing strong story-telling skills.

- Vocal work for public speaking - confidence building, tricks for successful presentations.

- Theatre, Film & Television Industry advice

- SELF-TAPES for Auditions. (Includes text coaching, High Resolution Video, post-production & delivered via data stick, "Unlisted" YouTube link or drop box)

- Two Master Classes where the students have the opportunity to perform their songs/monologues in front of the studio students, Rick and a collaborative pianist for feedback. This is an excellent way to deepen the connection to the work and to strengthen the level of performance.

- Two Studio Performances in the form of Cabaret/Showcase/Recital each year where all students are encouraged to perform. Invited guests include family and friends.

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Come into the studio with these four things and anything is possible in the process of learning & performance...

Focus  ...(to be creative and do the work)

Attitude  ...(a positive, open one)

Commitment  ...(to your process)

Energy  ...(lot's of it...)

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